connecting Sony DAV-DZ260 to PC


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I'm trying to get the optimal 5.1 setup by connecting my PC (Realtek ALC889A onboard audio on Gigabyte EX58-ED4P) through an optical cable to my Sony DAV-DZ260 home cinema set. I'm trying to play a media file which has a DTS soundtrack. I'm not completely sure which settings I should use. The software I'm using is BS player, which is using AC3Filter. I have a few questions:

- Should I use A.F.D. STD or A.F.D. Multi? (I assumed A.F.D. STD)
- The input should be on TV? (on the home cinema set)
- Which setup should I use on my PC? Should I use SPDIF passthrough? Should I set my realtek settings to Dolby 5.1? (The other options all include 2 channels)
- What settings should I set in AC3Filter? I'm using "AS IN" on as many places as possbile, however would it be better to use passthrough there?

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