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Help I,m geting desperate!!
can someone tell me what's the best way to connect my Sky digibox to VCR so I can record in stereo. I just can't seem to suss out what i need to do to record Sky on tape so it plays back in stereo and not mono. When i record from Sky I record from channel 6 but i know I should be possibly recording from an av channel or something. I'm not very good at this guys so any help would be appreciated.


you need a scart cable from your digibox to your VCR, then when you record you need to select the scart input, which depending on the make of your VCR maybe called L1 (or L2 if you have two scarts), AV1 (AV2 ), or A1 (A2 ) . If you expect to have stereo sound on your TV when you playback then you must also have a scart cable from your VCR to your TV - you cannot record/playback in stereo via RF (aerial) connections. You also of course need a scart from your digibox to your TV - and that is where things start to get 'complicated' especially if your TV or VCR only has one scart.

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