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Question Connecting sky multi room box to old HD ready TV that does not have HDMI - Help please


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Hi folks.

Can anyone please advise on this connection issue?

Just purchased a new LG 4k smart TV for the lounge which is connected to a Sky HD box. Sky Q is on order but for obvious and totally understandable reasons it won't be arriving any time soon.

However, in the interim the old 32in Philips 32PF5320/10 HD ready TV is being moved to the bedroom ( Visit the support page for your Philips Flat TV 32PF5320/10). I have the sky multi room HD mini box in the bedroom currently connected to a small LG LCD TV that may have HDMI connection but has an awful viewing angle. Hence the plan was to replace this with the Philips TV which has a pretty impressive picture.

However, the key issue with the Phillips is that is does not have any HDMI connection but rather it is DVI. When previously connected to the Sky HD in the lounge this was not an issue as I used and HDMI to DVI lead for the video and to get the audio I used the DVI audio in connection into the Sky box's audio L & R (red and yellow) . This worked fine.

Of course on inspection of the mini multi room box there are way fewer connections with potentially the only one being labelled ' Digi In ' which looks a lot like an optical input and is hidden under a little plastic flap. The HDMI to DVI adaptor lead works fine into the single HDMI connection on the sky box for the video. Is there any sort of cable or device that will allow me to get the audio to work?

Whilst scratching my head I've got round the issue by simply connecting the TV to the sky box by scart to scart. Of course this rather defeats the object as whilst I have video and audio the picture is not HD and pretty rubbish.

Would be very grateful for any advice. Really hope there is a simple solution as loathe to bin off the Philips which has a pretty good picture and has lasted 12 years! I guess my next question is if I eventually upgrade to Sky Q multi room will I again have problems connecting the Sky Q mini box to the old Philips add what would be the solution to that scenario.

Many thanks


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Can you not just get a scart breakout cable and use the audio on that along with the HDMI to DVI?

That won't work when you upgrade to Sky Q, but should work with your current setup.

Joe Fernand

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You would need to use a device with an HDMI Input and then HDMI + Audio (2RCA and or Optical Out) - you cannot separate HDMI video and audio with just a cable, the problem being HDMI audio is not carried on its own ‘wires’ instead the audio is embedded into the video signal.

You will want to ensure the HDMI audio extractor you install now for the HD/HDCP1.4 capable Source will also work for a 4K UHD/HDCP 2.2 capable Source to give it some longevity.

HDMI Audio Extractors can be expensive - our lowest cost option would be an ‘Open Box’ HDFury Integral.



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For info.
The socket under the hinged plastic tab on the Sky Multiroom HD box is an optical out and is marked “Digi out”, not “Digi in”
The audio out phono sockets on the rear of the Sky+HD boxes is red and white (not yellow, yellow is composite video).
You can take the audio from the scart socket on the Multiroom box using a stereo phono to phono cable from the red/white phono sockets on a switched scart to phono adapter.

As to your last question when you get the Sky Q Mini use the current HDMI setup for the Philips and for the audio use a 3.5mm stereo minijack to Phono cable from the AV out on the Q Mini.
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Joe Fernand

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Very different Tech dealing with HDMI vs. SCART - if SCART will work with your Source device then it will be a lot less costly than trying to use HDMI.



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I'm glad you are sorted, but I can guarantee no one was trying to mug you off.

It was simply a technically more complex but arguably more sustainable solution.

I do find personally however that the simplest solutions are often the best however 😁

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