Connecting Sky HD to Hitachi 42PMA400 Plasma??


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I have a (fairly aging now i know) Hitachi 42PMA400 Plasma. Have contacted Hitachi with regards to compatability, and they advise....

SKY HD for version 1 will allow output via component 720p50 or 1080i50 selectable without HDCP, The 42PMA400 can show 720p60 & 1080i50/60 via the component, so if you select 1080i50 via the component but it is no guarentee that all broadcasts from SKY HD will be displayed as restrictions from the film studios may prevent SKY broadcasting certain material if HDCP is stripped away.

So basically it sounds like this would work for any non-HDCP broadcasts if connected via component inputs.

Question is, does anyone know if Sky are currently transmitting any HDCP encoded broadcasts? And would i get at least a semi-decent picture from the HD box connecting this way?? Presumably it's just a standard RGB cable direct to the screen...

If anyone wonders why i'm considering this - hopefully later in the year i'm looking at upgrading the screen anyhow, just trying to plan 6 months down the line...

Thanks for any help/advice



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I don't think Sky transmit using HDCP at all. See the Pioneer HDCP issue thread for details but I'm sure a number of people are using Component for HD and are not missing anything.

There is no clear consensus as to whether Component or HDMI gives a 'better' picture - seems to depend more on the screen being used.

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