Connecting Sky boxes to land line


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I'm having multiroom fitted next weekend and I'm trying to decide how to connect the two boxes to the land line with the least upheaval!!

The wireless DECT senders seem to be unreliable (and expensive), so I'm resigned to wired connections.

I'm planning on using a 'one into three' splitter plugged into the master socket as follows and then plug my cable for phone/router (which is currently plugged directly into the master socket) into one of these and use the other two sockets for the cables to each sky box. Should that work OK? Will this make the broadband speed of my router deteriorate?

BT Telephone Socket 3 Way Adapter Splitter | Cables & Leads

In terms of the cables to each sky box, these need to be quite long so I'm looking at the following:

PCSL Brand - BT Plug to RJ11 ~ SKY Satelite Box Telephone / Modem Cable - 20m White , for use with SKY / SKY + / SKY PLUS / SKY HD: Computers & Accessories

Will these do the job? Unfortunately I will need to drill through some exterior walls so I assume the holes I drill will need to be fairly big to enable the RJ11 plugs to go through! Is there any alternative here?

This does seem to be turning into a big job!! Should I just play ignorant and see what the engineer says about connecting to a landline?

Also, I have a satellite dish already fitted with a quad lnb, but this already has one feed coming off it (for a free sat box). The two new sky boxes will require 2 feeds each, so will the engineer replace the quad lnb with an octo lnb?

Thanks - hope you can help!


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You'd do better to wire some telephone extension sockets directly to the master socket, then you'll be running bare cable through the walls and it'll be much neater. If it's going outside make sure the cable is suitable for outdoor use. If you replace the master socket face plate for one with a built in adsl filter you won't need to use any filters on the other extensions.


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You certainly need a split faceplate for the master socket as advised earlier. This will isolate your broadband from your phone wiring, do away with the need for micro filters, and enable the fastest possible speeds for your broadband

thinkbroadband :: BT Master Socket Identifical Tool for BT Broadband Accelerator / BT I-Plate

As for cabling, can you not keep this within the house? Going outside is not a good idea if you can help it. You should be able to buy cable kits with one connector loose to enable it to be attached after the cabling has been passed through all the walls, so that drilled holes need to be only large enough to allow the cable to pass

Don't attempt to play ignorant. With multiroom the boxes do need to be connected at installation otherwise the installer won't do the job. They'll also need to remain connected or sky, sooner or later, will be on about it


The two new sky boxes will require 2 feeds each
The standard installation of Sky TV with multiroom provides for one PVR and one receiver, requiring three connections to the dish.
I recommend that you explain the situation about the telephone connections to Sky well in advance, so that they can ensure that the installer can do his job properly.

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