Connecting Scart to Sanyo PLVZ2?

dean randle

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Just wondered if anyone had any success connecting their digiboxes etc to their pj?
I have an NTL cable box, a compacks dvd player (ghosting on component) and a vcr.
I have seen some different cables (Keene: SBB92S) to connect, but also a couple of the little 'brick' adaptors (Keene: KA150). One is £30, the other is £5. Anyone used one of these with any success?
Thanks in advance,


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
The Z1 had scart via VGA adapors (POA-SCART), you should check your manual on this but you find that using a POA-SCART combined with a DVI->VGA adaptor that you can send RGB scart into the Z2s DVI socket....

You'll still need to run composite (or possibly SVHS) from the VCR though.


chris l.

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I used the SBB92S with a VGA/DVI adaptor on my Grundig digibox, used it with a panny digibix too. Works great

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