Connecting Samsung TV to Logitech Z323 Speaker System


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Hi there hoping one of you can help.

My setup currently is as follows:

Samsung BD-C6500 Blu-Ray Player -> (via HDMI) Samsung UN22C4000 LED TV -> (via 3.5mm audio cable from the headphone jack in the TV) Logitech Z323 2.1 Speaker System

But I'm wondering if I would be better to get sound from the TV via it's optical out and use a digital to analogue converter to send it via RCA into my speakers? Would there by any difference in quality between the two methods? Which would perform better?

I should point out my speaker system will only take analogue inputs and my TV does not have any other sound output other than optical or 3.5mm headphone jack.

One other option I suppose would be to output RCA from my blu-ray directly to my speaker system but unless this would provide better sound quality than the other methods, I would prefer to avoid it because it would mean I would have to rig my TV up separately to the speakers for when I'm watching content from other sources.
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I have a pair of stereo analogue interconnects going from my TV to my Amplifier and I cannot tell the difference between those and the optical out which I also have connected to the amp.

No disrespect to your Logitech Z323 speaker system, but the only way you're likely to see an improvement is to buy something else! Failing that, don't waste your money on going an optical/analogue route; I'd stick with what you have and get used to it.


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Thank you for that clarification Mr Incredible :). I'm happy with the sound I'm getting and as this is just my bedroom setup I don't feel the need to get any more powerful speakers as these do the the job pretty nicely for what they are used for. I just wanted to check what was the best setup for the equipment I already have.

Downstairs I have a more powerful audio system but everything there is digital so I had no comparison between different connection types on the same system. My main query in this was just whether or not my Samsung TV would feed out good sound through it's headphone jack vs it's optical out or whether it would be "headphone optimized" and perhaps not make full use of the 2.1.
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