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Connecting PWD6 to DVD/Sky/Receiver

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by nikkismithuk, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. nikkismithuk


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    Sorry to sound thick but this is my first plasma

    Ive bought a PWD6 which i understand has to be tuned through my sky box as it doesn't come with a tuner. I've also got a dvd player and a receiver/surround sound system to connect, in which order do i connect them all?

    I originally had an engineer round to set it all up but after he told me to send the system back as it couldn't be connected as the plasma screen output was RGB and therefore not scart compatible i decided to try myself! ( I told him that i had a video terminal board to plug into the tv but was told it wouldnt work!!!!!)

    Once its all connected is there any thing i need to do with the screen that i wouldn't have done with my last tv ie i've read on some of the threads about adjusting the brightness etc

    Another thing the engineer mentioned was that by getting a screen and not actually a tv the quality was going to be poor, is this true or just the engineer being misinformed again



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