Connecting PS3 to Sonos ZP90 for CD playback


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Hello all. Happy Xmas!

I have a Sonos ZP90 connected to a Yamaha AV amp. The ZP90 is linked via the network to a NAS and to a ZP120 in another room.

I have a PS3 also connected to the amp (via HDMI for video and optical for audio).

My question is:

Can I connect the PS3 to the ZP90 to play CDs via the 2 x ZPs (ie without first having to rip them to the NAS)?

If so, do I:

- connect direct from the PS3 to the audio in connections on the ZP90 (which seems to require using the composite "multi-output" connector on the back of the PS3); or
- connect the amp's audio out to the ZP90's audio in (which seems a bit circular, ie signal goes from PS3 into amp, then into ZP90, then back into the amp and out to local speakers and across the network to the ZP120)

If the first option is correct, can I have simultaneous audio out put via 1) composite (to ZP90) and 2) either HDMI or optical (to amp)?

(The alternative is to hook up another CD player direct to the ZP120, but I wanted to be able to use the PS3's perfectly good playback capability, as it is sitting there next to the ZP90 already.)

Thank you!

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