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Sep 9, 2000
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What is the best way to connecy my ps2 to my widescreen tv to get the best picture quality from dvds,at the moment the edges of things in films seem to be jagged and not smooth enough???any help?
HMV do a scart lead for the PS2 that allows you to watch DVD's in RGB without the picture going green, i think its called a gemers scart, a mate of mine uses one and it works a treat.

I use S-video on my playstation (original) and that gives a good picture as well (the PS2 has this as well), using an s-video to scart lead.

Hope this helps!

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If you have to use the PS2 as a DVD player then get a Blaze Scart lead that will disable macrovision.... Then go into the PS2's DVD player menu and look at the edge sharpness option. Put it to -2 or so to get a softer image. RGB Scart IMO is the only way for european consoles so take advantage of it if you can.
Thanks for the advice guys,nice one
I bought a scart lead with the gold plated ends but still i get jagged edges on the picture????i have put the softness to -2 and still no change??
Well... Thats how it is MrFurious I'm afraid. I have never rated the PS2's ability to playback DVDs at all but I know that some people would like to on the occasion. My advice would be to buy a very good budget DVD player instead like the Toshiba SD220E - £135 if you order online. The image produced would certainly be a lot better than the PS2's...
I will second that, though for games i have found the S-video connection to be the best in terms of PQ

I wouldn't waste time using the PS2 as a DVD player, unless you don't have a separate DVD player.
yeah i have a dd set up in the living room with all the 5.1 sound and all the trimmings but sometimes i get banished upstairs to the spare room by the wife and son and have to watch some dvds up here!!!only the retal ones mostly,i blockbusters get watched in the living room,i blasted the house down with blade 2 last night,the soundtrack rocked the rafters!!!:p
When i had a psx2 i brought an offical scart lead £40 it was quite heavy and good quality definatley improved the picture

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