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I’m after some advice on the “entry level” home cinema I’m trying to set up at the moment. I’ve just ordered a Panasonic AE700 projector, which will sit at the back of my room projecting onto a 8’ screen that will pull down in front of my existing 32” Sony CRT TV, that will still be used for “normal” viewing. My existing amp (Sony STR-DB930), Sky+ Box and DVD player (Sony DVP-F11) all sit under the TV at the front of the room, and I really need to leave them there. However, I also want to be able to connect the Sky+ Box and DVD player to both my TV (front of room) and projector (back of room), and this is where I need some help:

I should also say at this stage that I am looking at changing the DVD player for a Panasonic S97EBS unless anyone tells me this is a bad idea, so I’ll base these questions on the assumption that this is what I’ve got.

- Can I run separate video outputs from my components to the TV and the PJ, so they are both in effect receiving the output at the same time, or does having two outputs active cause any degradation? I seem to remember that the Sky+ Box has two SCART outputs and the Panasonic DVD has loads of output options. Or do I need to “switch” the output between the TV and PJ when I want to change?

- The cable run from my components to the PJ will be about 14m (45’), and whilst I understand the HDMI would give me the best connection from the DVD, I’m not really sure I could afford this. Besides, the longest HDMI cable I see advertised is 10m – can you just plug these cables together to extend them? Either way, I reckon I’d be looking at over £150 for HDMI. So if we rule out HDMI for the DVD, what’s the best way to connect the Sky+ Box and DVD player to the PJ?

Quite a few questions there I know, but any help would be greatly appreciated!



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The Sky+ box has an S-Video output that you could use to connect to the PJ. The dvd player has a number of different connection options. 14m is a long way via HDMI so I would probably go for component cable from dvd to PJ. If you had a Denon 3805, which upscales composite and s-video connections to component, you would only need one set of component cables connecting your amp to your PJ and any video source you connected to your amp would be viewable on the PJ. With a run as long as 14m you would want to limit the number of cables you run to your PJ as you will need very high quality cables to prevent signal loss. Just a thought ;)

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