Connecting Pioneer AV receiver to Samsung one connect box.


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Hi All

I have recently purchased a Samsung QLED frame 55“ and looking this week at setting it all up. First TV in a long time as I’m upgrading my old 43“ Pioneer plasma purchased mid noughties so I’m well out of the game!

I am wanting to use my current receiver. (Pioneer VSX921K).

Firstly could somebody please confirm that this receiver is up to the job, I read on here somewhere that to receive 4K the receiver would need 4 K pass through?

I plan only to input into the one connect box my BT TV box, no games consoles or blu ray etc..

I will however want to stream movies through Apple TV and Netflix etc..

Secondly on my old Pioneer TV you could bring up the receivers menu on the TV screen, this was invaluable for changing settings in the receiver and setting speakers up etc (auto macc for Pioneer). I think though this was because it was a Pioneer receiver also. Is it possible to get this menu up on a Samsung tv?

Apologies if these are daft questions but as I said earlier I’m a little out of the game!

Thanks in advance!


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You should be able to access your receivers menu by selecting whatever HDMI input it's plugged into on the one connect box with the Samsungs TV remote.
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