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Hoping for advice about connecting TV sound to my non digital amp. I have a modern Philips smart TV with optical out as all modern TVs. I would like to connect it to my non digital preamp and was thinking of the following: a roughly 7.5 metre optical Toslink (hifi is on the other side of the room) going from TV to a DAC situated where the hifi is and then connect the DAC to the preamp with short RCA interconnects. Should this work and if so what cheapish DAC would you suggest? I could also place the DAC where the TV is and then connect it with long RCA cables to the preamp but this would be a much messier solution (cables have to go outside the house) but would do this if definitely better. The TV does have a headphone jack (a feature becoming rarer and rarer these days) but I use it for headphones although I suppose a splitter might be a possibility and then a DAC would not be needed. Sorry this is a bit long and perhaps complicated to follow - replies would of course be much appreciated. P.S. I have read that the optical output volume is quite low (can’t be adjusted on the TV) and that I might need a DAC with a volume control. However the Quad 99 pre has adjustable inputs for volume so I might get just away with a DAC without a volume control.

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The ‘long’ Optical cable to a simple (powered) DAC ought to be fine - CYP have a low cost unit (AU-D3) we have used/supplied many times which works well.


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