Connecting PC to RCA DLP Help!


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I can't seem to figure this out. Maybe some one can shed some light on the for me. I have a RCA DLP (HD61LPW42) and I am trying to hook a spare PC to it. I am going to run My DirectV program (connected to my DirectV DVR) on it. The TV has 1 DVI input and the rest are Component and Composite inputs.
A DirectV receiver box works fine connected to the DVI input via a DVI to HDMI cable. When I hook up my PC DVI to DVI direct I get "Unusable Signal".

Here is what I have tried (PC has 15" LCD connected to the video card to see what I am doing). FYI video card is GeForce 8400 GS.

Connected DVI to DVI and went through all resolution settings I could think of. Result "Unusable Signal"

Connected DVI to HDMI cable to a HDMI to DVI adapter tried all settings same result.

Connected video card component adapter to component input on TV and went through all resolution settings same result.

///Connected Laptop HDMI out to TV DVI input and got the same result.

DirectV Receiver HDMI to TV DVI works. With the options available why doesn't the PC work? Please help!


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This is mainly a UK-European-based forum.
Your query would be better directed at a US-based one like AVSForums.com.


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Thank you! I did the same day. I figure a Fix if anyone is interested.

I tried a new Input via component and it worked.
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