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I want to watch my downloaded content on my living room TV instead of my LCD monitor. I've drilled a hole in the relevant wall; now I need to connect. Here's my set-up:

PC outputs: TOSLINK (worried about this since it'll need to bend sharply a few times to get to the AV receiver) & S/PDIF for audio, S-Video and DVI-I for video

TV: Sony 28DX50 CRT IDTV with 1xRGB SCART (currently plugged into DVD player and Gamecube via manual SCART switch) and 1xS-Video SCART (connected to the Sony Smartlink VCR)

VCR: Connected by Smartlink SCART to TV

DVD Player: Connected to RGB SCART on TV via manual SCART switch and outputting via digital coax to HTS

HTS: receiving digital coax from DVD player and red/white coax audio from TV

Gamecube: Connected to TV via RGB SCART through the manual SCART switcher

OK, here's my current plan...

1) I need another RGB slot, so I should buy a better SCART switcher. It needs to be small, have 3 or 4 RGB SCART slots and support automatic switching. I just want to be able to turn on my DVD, PC input or Gamecube and have it come on the telly without fiddling with the remote.

2) I need a long (3-4m) S-Video-to-SCART cable to connect up my PC's video. This would go into the switcher.

3) I also need sound - digital if at all possible. I'll attempt to find a long S/PDIF cable and attach a coonector to the end to convert it into TOSLINK.

How does this sound? Will it work? Is it feasible? Will it deliver the best quality with this equipment? Can anyone recomment particular products?

Thank you very much in advance!

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