connecting Pc to Evotel Tv -HELP!!


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Please Help i'm new to this and such a Girl....

I have a Evotel Tv and trying to Connect my Netbook to it.
Bought a VGA moniter cable connected one end to my tv other to pc, changed the tv source to "PC" but it keeps appearing "no signal" - - - - PLEASE HELP - what am i doing wrong?? x

Chris Muriel

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What is the model number of the TV ?
What is the make and model number of the Netbook ?
On most laptop PCs you have to press a key sequence like Function-F5 or Fn-F8 to enable the output through their VGA ports, usually toggling between laptop screen, external output to monitor or both internal and external simultaneously.


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evotel digital LCD TV model ELCD32USBfhd!!!!
netbook is a freedom!! if this makes any sense haha
i have tried ...pressing fn key and monitor change key but nothing is happening...and went into control panel and display etc but think it is something to do with TV

thanks for replying sooo fast x

Chris Muriel

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I couldn't find an online manual for that TV.
Evotel is the new name for Matsui and the same model number also exists as a Matsui.
Do not set the resolution of the Netbbook graphics output to more than 1280 x 1024 as I believe that's the highest resolution the TV supports.
Perhaps somebody with the same TV (Matsui or Evotel) ELCD32USBFHD will see this an know more.
It's also worth searching AVF to see if anyone else had a VGA issue with it.


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I had same problem, changed my monitor frequency to 60Htz and all working O.K.
Right click on desktop, go to properties, then settings, then advanced, then monitor
and set to 60Htz. Hope this solves problem, did for me.

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