connecting Panny 310 to non3D amp


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Anyone got one of these using both Hdmi to TV and NoN d amp .Looking at the manual seems to say only one of the outlets only 5;1 sound also how straight forward is it setting it up this way


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No problem in my situation. If I remember correctly, what you describe (5.1 only) is what happens when you connect a 1.3 amp to both the player and the tv.

I've got a Denon AVR-2310 receiver (so, no 3D-support) and a Panasonic TX-P42VT30 (which does support 3D).
The 310 connects with a 1.4 HDMI to the tv, and the secondary HDMI-output with a 1.3 cable to the amp.

Then in the 310 menu:

- Set "HDMI Audio Output" to "On"
- Set "HDMI(SUB) Output Mode" to "V.OFF(Video Off)"

There is also a menu option to switch off the annoying amber light :)

Don't forget to set the player to send Bitstream. Et voila, the 310 is then able to send HD-audio to your receiver/amp, while you enjoy 3D content on your screen.


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Thanks Reijer it was the 5:1 bit that concerned me not that there is that many 7:1 stuf around

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