Connecting Panasonic DVD Player to TV


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Trying to connect a panasonic dvd player to an old tv.
The TV only has SCART inputs and I've attached a picture of the outputs on the back of the DVD player. I want to transmit both the audio and video signals to the tv, with no external speakers or anything. What adapters/cables do i need?


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What tv and dvd player do you have?

Component would be first choice (Red, Green and Blue Cables)
Second S-VHS
and composite video last (the yellow cable)
All will require you to connect seperate audio, the red and white phono cable.

Some tvs scart sockets accepted S-VHS with an appropriate cable, all will accept composite video to scart though it is the worst connection available only really suitable for a portable tv IMO.

Honestly for what they cost you may as well just buy a dvd player with rgb scart.
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