Connecting PAL devices to Japanese TV

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    I'd like to get some advice regarding following problem.
    My goal is to make few PAL consoles (which use RGB and component interfaces) work with Mitsubishi NTSCJ TV, which I was unfortunately bestowed with and have no chance to get rid of it as for now. What I tried to do with that premise was converting RGB to S-Video using this and this, and then, along with component cable, connecting it to this, and then connect it to the TV via HDMI. It all went quite good until I realised the assumption that the Japanese TV would be able to handle 50Hz signal on HDMI was quite naive on my side, so to correct I mistake, I additionally bought this to convert 50Hz HDMI signal to 60Hz HDMI signal. Then only problem is it doesn't work with the Mitsubishi for reason unknown. I tried to let the 60Hz signal on NTSC setting through just to check if the converter gives any output, but regardless of converter settings and connected input, the TV doesn't get any signal. I thought that the converter was broken, but then I performed the exact same test (connecting 60Hz input and setting to 60Hz output) on another TV, and it worked.
    The question is: what exactly could make Mitsubishi TV not accept HDMI signal with resolution and frequency it normally accepts, while the same signal works on other TV? I may buy another converter if necessary, but I'm afraid the same thing happens again, and I don't have any other ideas that would help me reach my goal as for now.

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