Connecting old Pioneer Plasma to new Denon AV receiver


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I inherited an old Pioneer plasma tv (PDP-LX608A) that was left on the wall in the house I bought which is hooked up to Bose Personal music center II surround sound speaker wires (with Bose speakers located around the house), however they didn’t leave the Bose receiver / sub-woofer etc.

The picture is still great, so I bought an Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max to ‘upgrade’ it to ‘pseudo’ smart tv functionality, which works well.

Wanting to use the Bose speakers, I also bought a Denon AVR-X1600H.

There are 3 HDMI ports in the tv, but no HDMI ARC. I’ve tried each HDMI port option just in case, but the on-screen setup assistant does not appear on the tv to progress connection set-up.

Does this mean the tv is incompatible with the Denon, or is there a workaround with the other input options?



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Connect your HDMI based sources to the Denon and output to the TV.
If there’s a source that has to go to the TV (Terrestrial aerial or something with a Scart for instance the use either the RCA out to send a stereo signal to the Denon or the Optical Out for Digital (will not be full bandwith but normally allows lossy surround sound).


Your most stable connection from the Pioneer will be by using the digital optical out. In the audio menu set SPDIF to Dolby. Optical will give you Dolby Digital 5.1 as a maximum which is still what most broadcasts give, so your losing very little in the way of audio quality from a HDMI ARC connection.

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