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I have an old Panasonic DMR-EH50 DVD recorder 80GB that works fine, but I am about to buy a new TV that does not have a SCART connection.

Could anyone advise whether it is possible to make a connection between the DVD SCART and either the TV's HDMI or Component In connections to view my old videos?

Any pointers to adaptors would be appreciated.


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Most modern TV's have done away with scart sockets but some supply an adaptor lead often with 3 RCA phono sockets coloured yellow red & white for composite video/audio input.
Simply get a switched scart to phono adaptor and plug it into the AV1 scart output of your DVDR (with the switch on it set to "out") and connect a 3 phono to 3 phono lead to the TV's adaptor lead...if no lead is supplied there are usually component/composite sockets on the rear or side of the component inputs usually doubles as a video input (usually marked as "y"). I have yet to come across a modern Tv without either of these connections.


New TV's without scarts still often have an adaption system for connecting a scart source, so check for that ... but in any case , yes you can connect using component. The EH50 has components outputs available.

If using component , turn on the progressive setting. ( See page 6 and 16 of the DVDR manual)
( Note - those page numbers refer refer to the UK manual - It may be different for your location.)

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Thank you, @JayCee and @Gavtech,

I have downloaded a manual for the TV I am interested in. Apparently this TV has a Component Input socket into which a Component Gender cable can be inserted with 3 leads that connect (with adaptor leads) to the Y Pb Pr sockets on the DVD player. I will need to physically check now that I have a better idea of what is possible. :)


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Just a note that component video is video only - no audio. You'll need a further two connections (a stereo pair) for audio L & R.

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