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Connecting new Plasma & Projector to SKy+ & DVD

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by karl, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. karl


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    Well I finally ordered a TV for the new house. A Panasonic 37" plasma - TH37PW4B. I got the last one at Sound and Vision for £2400 inc delivery. It went out of stock bu the chap in front of me cancelled.

    I have a Philips Q50 NTSC/PAL progressive DVD player on its way from hivizone.

    Sky + has recently been installed - S-video + RGB scart.

    I will order a panasonic ae100 projector soon.

    Now the problem :-

    How do I connect it all together for maximum picture quality ?

    I understand that progressive output from the DVD player must be fed via component. I expect this means that I will have to swap the component lead from the Plasma to the Projector when I want to use it :( A bit fiddly.

    I will probably get a Pro V box to improve Sky + on the projector. Does anybody have any experience with a Pro V & a Plasma - Does it improve the picture noticeably ?

    I will not be using the projector / plasma at the same time but is there a way to connect them without having to swap leads.

    For Sky viewing will the RGB to VGA box be a good choice for the Plasma and the ProV for the projector ?

    I think the problem may be one component out from DVD and two displays - Is there a way to split it ?

    Thanks for any input.

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