Connecting my TV audio into AMP



Hey guys please help, tried many times, epic failure :p

TV - Sony Bravia - 46XBR2
Amp - Sony - DAV-FX900W
Cable Box - Scientific Alanta - Explorer 3250HD

Cable from wall -> Cable Box -> TV

Therefore audio and video comes out from the TV speakers.

What I want to achieve:

Audio coming out from the 5 speakers hooked to the amp when I am watching something from cable TV

What I've tried

TV Audio Out -> Amp (TV/Cable 1)

No sound :(

Please help!! thx much~~


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Hi Piyopiyo

Welcome to the forums. :hiya:

The best way to get the audio into your Amp, would be to take the audio out from your cable box into the amp, with the video out into your TV..

If you use the component (The red and white Audio out) you should get stereo through your amp, but for 5.1, you'll need to use the Digital Audio Out --> Coax Digital Input on the amp.

For the Video, you can use the most convenient (component [yellow], S-Video or DVI. Depends on your TV)

So, you'll end up with this:

Cable from wall --> Cable Box
--> Audio (Digital Audio Out) --> Amp (Digital In)
--> Video --> TV


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tthank Q so much for ur help. however, what i don't get is how to add to the connection i already have.

i wonder if this would work

1. cable from wall
-> thick salmon-colored cable
2. cable box (cable in)
3. cable box (cable out)
-> thick salmon-colored cable
4. TV (cable in)

1. TV (audio out)
-> Red and White cable
2. Amp (audio in)

but that doesn't seem to work :(

:lease: help!


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OK.. so do you get sound/picture if you try this:

Cable from wall
--> Cable Box (Cable IN)

**Don't use Cable OUT**

Cable Box (Yellow Video out)
--> TV (Yellow Video IN)

Cable Box (Red and White Audio OUT)
--> AMP (Stereo/Red and White IN)

The TV should have a name for the yellow IN (AV3, Aux, whatever) put yout TV to that

The Amp should also have a name for the Red and White IN (CD/DVD/Aux/TV --> It depends where you plugged it in) make sure the amp is set to receive on that input.



:thumbsup:dude i lub j00 man ... it is working like a charm .. finally ... NBA Finals and UFC in surround sound! :)

thank you so so so so much~~


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No worries... Glad you got it sorted :)

Happy watching..

However, you only have stereo at the moment. If you wanted surround sound, you should look at using the digital audio out on the Cable box --> Coax Input on the Amp
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