Connecting my sub!


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Hi all
Im sure this is a very basic question but Im still learning the av world.

Ive got a Powercube 12 connected to my amp via the sub out output. The sub works fine with music however when Im playing DVDs I dont get any sound out of it. Ive got my Denon1920 connected to my amp via phono cables but it doesnt seem to output via the amp to the sub.

Getting to the point, If I connected my sub via speaker cable, connecting the amp from the from my front speaker outputs would I be reducing the output to the front speakerS?

Hope you understand this?



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It's because you have the amp connected in stereo and you need optical or coaxial digital to get 5.1.

What amp have you got?

Don't connect the sub and centre together you might bugger the amp.
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