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Connecting My PS3/Sky Setup


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Hi Guys,

I have just bought a PS3. My questions are with regard to playing the sound through my speakers. I will shortly be buying a Cyrus AV Master for my amplifier to power some B&W 683 floorstanders and a matching centre speaker.

My question is, as i will be conecting my Sky HD box and PS3 via HDMI straight to the TV, how should i go about sending my sound to the speakers. The Cyrus amp has two digital optical inputs. Could i use these for the PS3 and Sky box and plug them into the amp to get sound? Or am i being terribly nieve?


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the long answer is.........yes (same as the short answer :D)

i have my PS3 /360 / sky+ all optical into my amp for surround sound


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the long answer is.........yes (same as the short answer :D)

i have my PS3 /360 / sky+ all optical into my amp for surround sound

Its not quite that straightforward. The short answer is yes, the long answer is yes, but the PS3 won't send all types of digital audio over an optical cable and you won't get hi-def audio from blu-rays etc. doing it this way.

There are some more involved threads that can explain all the ins and outs of it on here if you have a hunt about.


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Hi sparklesmcgraw,

Cyrus make great gear. I had a quick look at their website and at the AV Master unit that you are considering. Yes it will work, but you will be restricted to "last generation" audio formats. If you are using your PS3 primarily for gaming, this may not be such a problem as you can handle formats like Dolby Digital with the Cyrus.

If you wish to use your PS3 a great deal as a Blu-ray source - you will get Hi Def video to your TV, but you won't be able to access the "hi-def" audio without a different amp. Hi-def audio is transmitted over HDMI, and you need an amp that can process "multi-channel LPCM audio" over HDMI (watch out, many HDMI amps cannot). Ideally Cyrus would have such an amp in their roadmap (everyone seems to be moving to HDMI) - it may be worth contacting them to inquire.

With a nice speaker set up as you are planning, you really can tell the difference between last-gen audio presentation and hi-def audio - think of it as the difference between a good MP3 recording, and the original CD. I certainly recommend accessing those hi-def audio tracks, I'm loving mine. :smashin:

Big smiles,


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