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Apr 10, 2007
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Good Evening,

My First post and it's for help, not normally stuck with things like this but this one has me stumped, might be looking at it all wrong.

I have a 26" Toshiba WLT66/67 on my bedroom wall, my Pc is 9m away and I have a logistic mx5000 keyboard/mouse (20m range) so I want to link my PC to the TV. (Sit in bed and play)
Tv manual says the PC in is a Mini D sub 15 pin analog RGB, the only output I have on the Pc (at the mo) is a 9 pin standard output. So what cable do I need to link the two to get the best? Can't seem to find anything.

Do I need a cable for the screen and a seperate cable for audio?

Any help or pointers will be very welcome


most Tv's that support the computer input feature come with the 15 pin RGB adapter which goes into the back of the tv, on the other end of this cable are two leads one is red and one is green these plug into your laptop/ computer for both vison and sound, your laptop/ pc must have these plugs i think it is stupid because not many laptops/ computers come with these plugs. Mainly sony vaio computers and other media centre computers come with these plugs, however you may be able to get away with buying a RGB lead the same as what is used to link a computer with a projector.

I hope this helps if it doesn't im as puzzled just as much as you are

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