Connecting my Pana 42PX60 up?


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I've had my Panasonic 42PX60 for 5 or 6 months now and whilst it's a great Plasma, i'm not doing it justice with my setup. It's in my living room with a bog standard digital Telewest box, Nintendo Wii and Panasonic DMR-ES15 DVD recorder.

Similiarily in my bedroom I have a Toshiba 27WL56 wall mounted with a standard Digital Telewest box and 6 year old Sony DVD player (336 model).

The PX60 has one component out (which I'm using for the Wii), so that's the best possible picture there but the 2 HDMI inputs are wasted. The scarts that i'm using are fully wired RGB but i'd say basic. Lot's of pixellation when watching cable.

With the Toshiba, it has 1 HDMI out and component via the PC input (not sure how to hook it up). Same story here, just bog standard RGB's going into the TV.

Can anyone recommend where I go from here? I'm happy to get a new DVD player for the Toshiba but really want to make use of HDMI.

Also, the Toshiba has some hissing when on either AV's (it sounds like the analogue noise. Is that down to cheap Scarts?

Lot's of questions, but i'm desperate for a quality set-up.

Finally, i'd be looking at 0.5-1metre cables just to keep things tidy

Thanks a lot

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