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Connecting My new Denon Amp to Philips 9986 32"

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by neil950, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. neil950

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    May 28, 2005
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    Hi. I own a Philips 32PF9986 which is only a few months old and beleive is still the latest firmware version. I have just bought a Denon AVR2805 and am beginning the somewhat confusing task of connecting it all together. My aim is to connect my Philips DVP720 Progressive Scan DVD player and my Sky+ box into the amp and then have a single component out to the 9986 using the supplied dvi-vga connector and vga to component cable - which is where the confusion starts.

    As I don't have any cables as yet, I have just used the supplied cables/adapters that came with the TV to connect the component monitor out on the amp to the DVI input on the TV so I could set the amp up. The first thing I've noticed that the denons on screen display is not displayed on the TV when I have DVI selected - comes up with a message saying picture format not available or something like that? Is there any reason why the OSD is not displayed?

    My second query concerns connecting the DVD & Sky+ to the amp. I have no problems with the DVD player as I can connect that using a straight forward component lead, but I am unsure how to connect the Sky+ box to the amp. I currently use a good quality scart direct from Sky+ to the Tv, but as the amp does not support scart, I need another solution? I have found that you can buy Scart to component leads, but will this be compatible if connected to the amp this way and then onto the Tv via the amp? In think I've read somwhere that the DVI connector on the TV only supports progressive feeds, so could that be an issue.

    Finally, does anyone know where you can purchase decent quality DVI to Component leads? The reason is, is that I will probably spend a little cash on buying decent leads to connect the DVD pLayer and Sky+ to the amp, but the dvi-VGA adapter and vga-component lead that came with the TV seems very basic and not that good quality.

    I realise I'm asking for a lot of advice here, but if anyone can help I'll be foreber grateful. Many Thanks.

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