Connecting my MAC MINI to SONY BRAVIA


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I have just received my KDL 32v5500 lcd tv. I was wondering if i should buy a Mini DVI to HDMI cable, or a Mini DVI to DVI, then a DVI to HDMI? What are the differences if any? Any help would be much appreciated, i really wanna watch HD films:clap:



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Can't imagine there is any difference mate.
Probably better having as few connections as possible though so I'd get the mini-dvi to HDMI
Mini DVI to DVI comes with the mini.

So all you need is

a DVI to HDMI cable

and some sort of audio cable, depending on your AV set up


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The Mac Mini comes with mini DVI to DVI. I purchased a DVI to HDMI works great.

The MacBook comes with no leads. For my daughter's MAcBook white I got her a Mini DVI to VGA as she has an older 19" VGA flat screen monitor. For an HD TV you should get a Mini DVI to DVI and then DVI to HDMI as above. Make sure you get DVI-D not the ones with the extra analogue pins as they will not go in the converter female plug :rolleyes:




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as dave says, you will need an audio cable as well which ever method you choose (either VGA or HDMI) no audio is sent down those cables. If you have an AV Receiver, connect the audio out from your MacBook to your AV receiver with a TOSLINK cable.
If you haven't, then depending on the route you go down video wise, you will need to connect the MacBook to the TV with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable if you are using VGA, or a 3.5mm to RCA cable for HDMI - one of the HDMI's will have this as an alternate audio input. I have a Bravia myself and thats what my inputs are like, yours may be slightly different so double check them :)

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