connecting multiple inputs to a surround sound


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i have a lot of devices and want to buy a 5.1 system that lets me use them all without having to use switches or change wires.

i will need these inputs

apple tv: optical audio
blu ray player -not sure as i havnt bought it yet
xbox 360- red and white
sky box -red and white
apple airport express 3.5mm or red and white
a spare 3.5mm jack so i can plug my electric guitar in to it

i just want 1 out of the box solution for as cheap as possible :lease:

Don Dadda

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You could probably get something as cheap as chips that could sound anything from utter rubbish to maybe just ok or spend a decent amount on something s/h and get the job done to more than just satisfactory.

So whats the budget?

Will this include speakers?
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Always buy a system with plenty of inputs, granted you've got HDMI switches which helps (and they carry audio and video so no picture or sound quality loss) But if you're not spending a lot then one of those is quite a bit.

Also isn't xbox 360 digital out? I'm using one of those optical dongle things about £2.50.

Electric guitar I'm pretty sure is different impedence/voltage? Unless your guitar amp has standard line level outputs.


Apple airport express is also optical out on the 3.5mm jack


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I'd second the AVR and speakers (from both this thread and your other one), but that could be out of your price range. I don't know as you don't specify a budget.

A couple of points to note though:

You won't get 5.1 audio from 'red+white' RCA connectors. The best you can get is a stereo-to-5.1 upmix in the AVR, which is never very good. If there's a digital alternative to connect your devices, this is better.

Guitar signals are often clipped. If you have an amp and speakers that work happily together and then put a heavily clipped signal through them, you can blow your speakers.
I wouldn't put your guitar through hi-fi/home cinema equipment, just use a designated guitar amp or PA equipment.
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Mr Pig

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You could find a nice department store that sells Hi-Fi, TVs and guitar amps and ask if they'll let you live there! :0)

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