Connecting LG42LD490 to Marantz SR4200


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I've had the Marantz a while and it was previously connected to a freeview box via old fashioned red and white audio cables. It worked fine for TV.

I've just set up a new LG42LD490 LCD TV and connected an optical cable from the TV to the Marantz via digital (optical) 1 (and then 2) but the Marantz doesn't detect any input and I have no sound when selecting TV.

What have I done wrong?


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Does the Marantz have an OSD ??? If so go through the menu option's too see if you can change the Tv input sound option to Toslink/Digital !


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Indeed it does and I thought I was doing the right thing.

Turns out i was pressing the wrong button.

I've now told it to expect a digital signal for the TV feed and all is well.

A real pain in the arse frankly for little reward - the sound level is quite low.

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