Connecting LG BP350 to Sony TV via HDMI Query


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Please move if I have posted this in the wrong location.

I have a query on HDMI inputs on my Sony TV.

I have a SONY TV KDL-37W/5710 which is over 10 years old and was purchased in February 2010.

The TV has 4 HDMI ports and the manual advises that the HDMI ports are capable of supporting 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i.

I can currently connect the following via HDMI without any problem - a NOW TV Box circa 2017, an Apple TV (2nd Gen), a Humax HB 1100s circa 2018, a Windows 10 PC and Laptop.

I recently tried to connect an LG Blu ray Player BP350 (manufactured Aug 2020) via HDMI and a Win 10 PC with a Display port/HDMI adapter to the TV and they won’t display - just a black screen,

The LG BP350 momentarily displays “LG” and the TV displays 576p and then it went black.

Interestingly when I pass both unresponsive devices (the LGBP350 and the DP win 10 PC) through a “Techole HDMI Splitter” (amazon link) powered by 5V DC they do display fine – so perhaps the splitter amplifies the signal.

I appreciate that the TV is old but I am curious why this is happening. I have tried all of the 4 x HDMI ports on the TV in case one was at fault and all exhibit the above behaviour.

Many thanks for any observations – and as I say I have a work around but just looking for an explanation.


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Tried the LG Blu-ray on a different TV just to rule out a fault in it?
If it works on a different TV at least you'll be able to see and enter the menu and check what video out resolution it's set to and you can change it to a different setting then retry it on your TV.


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Thanks - Yes the LG Blu Ray seems to be fine itself. I connected it to a newer TV, a cheap 32" "e-star" purchased in 2019 and it works fine @1080p and as I say it works fine on the old Sony @1080p when passed through the techole splitter but won't display at all without it. I lowered the output resolution to 576p, 720p, and 1080i but it wont display - it just momentarily displays “LG” and the TV displays 576p and then it goes black. Thanks again.

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