Connecting legacy hi-fi components wirelessly?

I currently have a legacy hi-fi system which I'm able to stream music to using Chromecast Audio. However, I have another problem which, despite reading as much as I can via the web, I can't seem to get an answer to. What I'd like to be able to do is connect a legacy cd player to my legacy amplifier but I'm not able to place the cd player close enough to the amp to simply use phono leads. I'm not very technical in regards to these things but what I'd like is some way of connecting the cd player to a device which can send audio wirelessly to a receiving device connected to the amp. I assume that would have to use either wi-fi or bluetooth. Does anyone know if there is such a product or can suggest a way of solving the problem which doesn't involve breaking the bank. TIA.


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Something like this should do the trick. Would be even better if there was a version of the transmitter with a digital input - assuming your legacy CD player has a digital output:

I have no experience of these devices so this is not a product specific recommendation.
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