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Jason C

Apologies if this is the wrong forum but I have a basic question and can't find anywhere more appropriate.

I have just got a Sky + box, and don't know how to link it to everything else.

I have a Pioneer DCS515 DVD player, a Panasonic TX29AGp2 TV

The pioneer has 1 scart & a toslink.
The Panny TV has 2 Scarts,
The SKY + has s caarts & a Toslink.

I'd like to be able to use the Sky + and the TV through the pioneer.

Any guidance or direction to "how to's" greatly appreciated.

For added complication, I have a Toshiba VCR / DVD combined -but only plan to use that for VCR & hence will probably use the aerial.
Thx - got it working now.

Toslink from Pio to Sky + gives me the audio I was missing.

Scart out of Pio to TV
Scart out of SKY + to TV.

Any merits in linking the pioneer to SKY +, and SKY+ to TV?

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