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Connecting *ion deck to SU-V560 amp.


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Hi, guys

I have a *ion Profile Pro record deck which I want to plug in to my Technics SU-V560 amp.

As the deck has a pre-amp and is a digital device I'm advised by the maker that I shouldn't use the phono input but use a CD or tape connection.

I can understand using a CD input but have used that already for my CD player. There is an input for a tape2/DAT tape and assume that would be OK to use although I assumed that a tape input would be analogue?

There's also an aux input and a Tuner input.

Unfortunately I don't have a manual for the amp.

Would welcome some advice if possible please.
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KJ Palmer

Active Member
You can in fact use any of the inputs on your amp you mention with your turntable, as they're all line level inputs suitable for the pre-amped RCA outputs of the deck. That's an analogue output - the digital part is the USB connector, which won't come into play in this case.

As correctly mentioned, don't use the Phono input - that's for unamped turntables. Hope that helps.


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I'd suggest using Aux in, as it's targetted at doing exactly what you want to do.


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Thanks to both of you for the advice I'm grateful for your help.

I can now (after many years) re-listen to all those LPs I haven't heard for years in their orignal form - scratches and all in some cases.

Still feel analogue discs seem a more "real" sound than digital but maybe that's just wishfull thinking? :)

Thanks again, guys. :)

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