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Hi all,

I bought my first arcam separate many years ago, an arcam alpha 7 cd player. I was blown away by arcam at the time and have ALWAYS liked there approach and philosophy to solutions.
Until recently I was looking at maybee an onkio receiver with HDMI, then I saw that Seven oaks had an offer on for the AVR300 at a very reasonable price (obviously because the AVR350 is out). Rather than let them disapear I jumped in with both feet and bought an AVR300 in black :thumbsup:

I am just in the middle of re-plastering our front room and will be building a high spec HTPC very soon. I am OK with building that as I have built many computers. I have decided to opt out of HDMI at the moment due to many issues with sound over HDMI from a media PC.
I am basically struggling to decide what is going to be the best solution to connect up the HTPC to the AVR300 on the video side. The audio will be on analogue from the HTPC to the AVR300, so no worries there.
I want to be able to play games and watch all the new Blueray or HD material and also use the AVR300 for music.
I was going to connect the HTPC to the AVR300 but notice that I need to input component YUV/YCrCb to the AVR300.
I found a solution to of a converter plug/ cable for some graphics cards that can output on DVI-I and this is converted to component.
dvi-i to component lead
not sure about the above lead but one of the adapters converted to component YPrBr, is this the same as YCrCb??
After doing a little more reading it looks like the YPrPb maybe no good to send to the AVR300, or am I totally wrong??
I would then want to send the video from the AVR300 to a panasonic screen 50PH10 or maybe the 50PF10?? (unsure which I will be buying yet.

I know that I can bypass the AVR300 and connect the video of the HTPC straight to the screen on VGA, DVI or HDMI easily. I just wanted to have the on screen displays from the AVR300 and have it all working together.

Does anyone know which will give the best result?

I have been reading for months and seem to be going round and round in circles.



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Most graphics cards have a Component output. It tends to be a 8 or 9 pin Mini DIN connector and can do Component, Svideo or Composite. If they say the card is HDTV compatible or has a HDTV Encoder then it tends to have these.

This should be able to plug directly into the AVR300. I haven't tried on the AVR300 but I did try pluging it in to my projector and my plasma and in both cases they displayed the signal correctly. There may be over or under scan, but you can tweak the output.

The NVIDIA 8600GTS I have, has one, it also has DVI, is HDCP and is claimed to accelerate HD_DVD and Blu-Ray (it accelerates VC-1 and H.264) so may be the one to buy.


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Many thanks for that. :thumbsup:

I have been looking into this a little more and it seams that some manufacturers actually label there ports as YCrCb when they should actually say YPrPb. Still I have found so many contradicting articles it is difficult to know if they are different signals or one and the same??

I will look into the 9 pin mini Din socket and what I can get out of it on the graphics card side. If I can get a 9 pin to component YCrCb then :clap: I will try that.

I am plastering and doing all the work in the front room frantically as I just want to set everything up. I bought the AVR300 3wks ago and have only had it out of the box once :mad: I just want to hear it :thumbsup:

I will post back on here if i find any more info, or I just connect it up and try it.



I've recently gone down a very similiar route to you AIStudio. I've typing this on a lovely new Logitech DiNovo Keyboard set while sitting on my bed using the HTDV as a monitor.

I have an XFX card with component-out. I had to contact XFX to get the component dongle sent out, but that was hasslefree and also free of charge too.

I run the component out into the 'AV' component input on my AVR250. Video Mode is set to YUV and I've disabled the on-screen display as ended up causing graphics distortion each time the Arcam tried to display on-screen such as a volume adjustment as couldn't handle Arcam OSD displaying over the signal over the PC.

Setup Menu etc & normal menu etc are completely unaffected as they are full-screen menus and display fine. As expected, when exiting out a menu on the arcam, screen switches rapidly back to the Media PC.

I've tried 1280x720, 1600x900 & full HD 1920 x 1080 and all switch seamlessly and run through the reciever with no problems at all. I've opted to run 1600x900 on a permanent basis as at 1920x1080 the menus etc are too small on my 32" Samsung.

I'm very impressed with the XFX drivers as setting up to run HD through component is remarkably simple.

Blu-Ray & HD-DVD hardware decoding is a built-in feature of many of the cards (XFX at least) so I may add a Blu-Ray drive later at some point

I'm very happy with the results of this. Yes, VGA is slightly sharper and has a bit better colour definition (but really negligable and is far outweighed by the smooth integration)

Oh, and my graohics card cost £30 (XFX GeForce 8400GS, PCI-E)



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Hi Dan,
A BIG thanks for that information :thumbsup:
Funny that as I had been looking at the XFX cards as they seem very good on features. I will be using the HTPC for gaming so I may need one of there 8600gts cards. I know the 8800's are good (if not a little pricey) but they dont do the decoding of the HD or Blue-ray video, and there not HDCP. (I know that may not work with component but I can always output straight to the screen should they ever make the flags active :) )

Out of interest is your dongle 9pin din to component or DVI-I to component?
Did you just email XFX or did you call them direct?

I am SO looking forward to this build as it seems like a long time since i decided to do it. Not for a few weeks yet as there is far to much building work to do in the front room.



Reason I picked the card I did was I wasn't worried about gaming performance, but power was a consideration as I have a fairly low wattage power supply.

I contacted XFX via their website I went to the support section, created an ID and sent a question off 'Please advise how I can get hold of a Component dongle'.

A couple of messages back and forth and they were happy to send a dongle out (approx 9-pin round connector to component).

As I understand it, HTCP is not an issue over component, but would be over HDMI. I think some of the XFX cards have HDMI out too.

Just a note, but I'll probably shift this to the HTPC's forum soon as seems your Arcam advice is sorted out. Will probably do this next time you reply so you're aware, and then we can carry on in the HTPC forum



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Hi Dan,
YES i think that you have sorted the issue of converting to component to my AVR300. MANY thanks for that :smashin:

I don't mind if you move it to the HTPC section :thumbsup:

Just contacted XFX to find out what is the most powerful card that they do, which I can passively cool. Also if they will supply it with a dongle like the one you have. I will wait for there response.

I know the 8600 GT Fatality is passive and looks good. Just wondered if I could push to a 88XX series card, which is HDCP, so that I don't have to upgrade to soon.

As with everything HTPC its all a compromise lol.

I do appreciate that you have built your HTPC to meet different requirements.



HI AIStudio,
No trouble at all. Do you need any more answers related to this thread (Either Arcam-related or HTPC-related)? If so I'll adjust the title to whatever you're looking for and shift to the relevant forum, or the other option is to leave this thread here in the Arcam forum as a reference for those wanting to know how to connect an HTPC via component etc but keep discussing to Graphics card through AVR chat.

Let me know & I'll action this as needed.:smashin:


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