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I recently Bought a Hisense smart tv, i Already have a LG Smart tv too, I Cant access shared folders on my Win 10 Pc on my Hisense. All my hardware is connected to my router via Ethernet cables, on the LG ive never had an issue, i can directly access HDD folders from my tv to access music, videos, photos etc, it worked out of the box and ive never altered anything. The recent Hisense tv i bought however is another story, The first day i set it up and plugged it into the router it detected the HDD on my computer and i could access all media on it from the tv, However the next day it had vanished and the only shared content folder it connects to is the WMP media folder, which i dont use and have nothing in, its basically only seeing media streaming options and not HDDs or folders. Ive tried everything i can think of, ive even physically enabled Folder sharing on the HDD i want it to detect, but no joy at all, The LG still sees everything so i know the network is ok. if i right click on a video file and chose Cast to TV it casts the movie no problem, so they are all connected up on the same network, but still will not show the HDD drives that it did on the first day i plugged it in. I thought of resetting the tv to Factory settings and setting it up again but thats too much hassle and i cant be bothered trying that option yet. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions please, im pulling my hair out here, its probably a simple solution im missing too. Any help much appreciated. TIA.


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I tried my laptop and i could access the hard drives and all folders on that, then i realised, the laptop still had LG software smartshare installed.
I had taken it off the desktop, so, i reinstalled smartshare onto my desktop, set it up, chose what drives to share etc and BOOM, all works great now!!
I notice Hisense doesnt appear to have any similar software of its own, i honestly thought the LG software wouldnt work with other brands, but it does, perfectly, so, anyone with similar issues, try DLNA certified smartshare by LG, solves all networking problems.

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