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Connecting Headphone Amp To 2nd Zone Of AV Receiver


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I'm looking for a headphone amp to connect my AKG K701s to. My Onkyo 606 has a 2nd zone output via phono. Would I be right in thinking that I could connect the headphone amp to the 606 via that? Can I just mute the amp and let the headphone amp control the volume to headphones?


yup use second zone, or a line out. Not one controlled by the Onkyo's pre-amp (zone 2 could be volume controlled) Or you could use tape or VCR out, they're probably fixed level.


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I was thinking a bit more about this.

Long term, I'm going to have a home cinema room so won't need headphones for that. My TV will be in the living/dining area and I don't want surround sound there so will use a pair of active speakers there, something like ADM 9.1s. I will supply music via a sonos with a SkyHD box and a blu-ray player for tv and films.

I had planned on getting a DAC and headphone amp to go with my TV. The headphone amp acting as a simple pre amp for a pair of active speakers. The problem is that there is no remote for volume control. Very few headphone amps seem to offer a remote. The only way round it I think is to insert an amp into the chain between the DAC and headphone amp connecting the headphone amp to the amp via a tape out? The headphone amp's volume would be set to a memorable postion and the volume to speakers and headphones controlled by the amp?

Would this work?

Would the amp have a detrimental effect on the signal going to the headphone amp or would the signal just pass through?

I was also having problems working out how to connect a turntable due to a lack of phono inputs. Adding an amp should solve this too? Connecting it to the amp.


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Make sure you get a decent desktop amp. 701s are very power hungry. Portables won't provide enough power.

I'm thinking about the Little Dot MKIII for the short term till I get round to upgrading everything else.

Long term I'm looking firstly at Musical Fidelity stuff. Mainly as it's the only headphone stuff with a dealer anywhere near me to try it. An M1DAC with a M1HPA headphone amp.

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