Connecting from Sound Card to Phono for Surround Sound


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Hello, noob here. Funnily enough, as is the case with most noobs here, I have a question :D

One day when I have enough money spare I'll get myself a decent surround sound system. For the moment though I've got a crummy old MHC RXD10AV. Fortunately for me it has 5.1 surround, but it uses 6 phono inputs (5 speakers and the sub).

How do I connect to 6 speakers from this, the Creative X-Fi Platinum?

I've tried circumnavigating my lack of knowledge using educated guesswork. I reckon that, because there are 4 minijack connectors on the back end of the sound card (3 out, 1 in) that these are stereo outs, and that you could possibly connect a stereo minijack-to-red+white phonos cable into each of these to get front left+right, rear left+right, and then centre+sub?

As I say, that's guesswork. I'd much rather know for certain! If that's wrong, am I doomed? The hi-fi doesn't have any other means for surround sound, it's ancient and only has an optical out rather than in.

Thanks in advance :)

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Well do you think something like this may help?

Could try maplins, and local hifi shop too.

Should say in the sound card instructions what the outputs are, and what voltage they are. The 6 RCA inputs on the amp should more than likely be expecting something like 2Volts, like the o/p of a cd player (2V) check with manufacures if you think necessary.
If like me you just think what the hell, lets plug it in and see, I would turn the sound card down just above zero (very low) plug in and see what comes out the amp. If your at full on the amp and vol is somewhat low tweek up the sound card a bit untill it sounds normal. However if it blasts out turn it all off quick and read the instructions! If your kit is new and your worried about it check the specs first.

Best Of Luck

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