Connecting freeview box to panasonic pw4 (HELP)


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Hi whats the easyest way to connect a freeview box to a panasonic pw4 plasma.
all i have is the pw4 plasma and freeview box i have speakers pluged in to speaker terminus on plasma. i have no amp.

i have tryed with a scart to 3 phonos ie video and 2 sound. pluged in to av sockets on plasma board. all i get is sound no pic.

Can i use a scart to RGB phono lead? or do i have to have a converter.
do i have to use the HD VD when pluging in to rgb sockets.
if so i would need a scart in to 5 RGB Phonos lead ?
any ideas

many thanks



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doesnt the pw4 come pre-installed with a big board like this:

I realise thats a pw3 but i think its the same. If so you could get an rgb to vga and may get a better pic, or there may be a cheaper converter to change RGBcvS to RGB?


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PW4 video boards are/were optional ony VGA was standard although they generally shipped boards with the screens. a JS RGB>VGA is the best bet

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