Connecting feeds to PJ and TV?


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Hi all,

I am trying to work out the best way to connect up my sources to my TV and PJ with the minimum fuss/cost.

I have a dvd that can output svideo and RGB
Video with 1 Scart and UHF
TV with 2 scarts (one is RGB), one composite, svideo and UHF
PJ has 2 x RGB (VGA), 1 svideo and 1 compsite

I would like to be able to feed signals to both TV and PJ simultaneously but still be able to select the displayed signal on either.

Ideally would like to run just one cable to the PJ (about 5 metres away from sources) currently using a 10 metre prowire SVHS lead.

Any ideas or what you peeps are doing would be helpful. I've been trawling maplins for switches and the like and my eyes are blurring!!




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Hi Uzi,

I'm open to correction, but with that setup I don't think you'll get away with one cable going to the proj.

Here's a possibility:

Feed video to TV via UHF; Get SCART/phono adaptor for video and feed composite video from adaptor to Proj; Feed DVD to TV via SCART and to Proj via Svideo.

If you're already doing this, then the best advice I could offer is to get a ProV; try clicking

This piece of kit will allow you to connect the video and DVD to it via composite and Svideo respectively and send the data to the Proj via VGA cable - you get the added advantage of prog scan for all stuff going to Proj. I've got one of these and I think its an excellent piece of kit - I wouldn't be without it. Not minimum cost, although reasonable imho. You can then switch what your Proj sees via the ProV.

Good Luck !

Sean G.


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Thanks for that Sean,

I like the idea of the Pro-V but how does this compare to a HCPC setup?

I have a PC that I could do something with.

What do you think?




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Aha, ProV vs. HCPC.......

I've tried both for DVD - HCPC is a bit better than ProV - but its really marginal, imho. See the thread re "Progressive shootout" for more info, or search for ProV - opinions vary on the topic, with some thinking that theres little difference, and that the difference is not worth the hassle of a HCPC, others say that HCPC is the holy grail for pic quality.

If you want to route TV you can do this through a video capture card in a HCPC - again search for other threads.

Personnaly I find the ProV excellent at both DVD and TV, but am putting together a PC just for DVD - the additional quality pixel perfect matched to the projector is worth it. ProV will continue to do TV and video duties.

See ya,

Sean G.


The HCPC drawback is the extra hassle to send the picture to TV, it's almost always a wind-up, and the colours never seem to look right. Try the HCPC section for info from anyone who is better at it than me (I'm not saying it's hard to be) DVD quality is as good as it gets on a projector, just total wow effect though.

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