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Connecting everything up, help

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by fancyabrew, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. fancyabrew


    Dec 29, 2002
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    I’ve just got the following a couple of days ago and I’m now tinkering with everything to get it setup.

    Pioneer 656A DVD
    Arcam A85
    Arcam CD82T
    KEF Q5
    FEF Q9C
    Yamaha E800 Proc

    I already have a Panasonic TX-W28R4DP, it’s a few years old but its not too bad. Panasonic NV-HD630B video, Mission Cyrus 780’s which I have kept as my rear speakers.

    I have it connected up in the following way

    SCART from DVD to TV AV1 RGB
    SCART to 4 RCA TV to Yamaha D-TV
    SCART to 3 RCA VCR to Yamaha VCR
    Digital Coax DVD to Yamaha
    3 x 2 RCA from DVD 6Ch output to Yamaha 6 Ch input
    2 Phono Yamaha MAIN output to DVD input Arcam A85

    Everything seems to work ok, but the 6Ch inputs don’t seem to do anything! If I switch the Yamaha to External Decoder I hear nothing at all I thought that this would use the DVD as the digital decoder. Are the 6Ch inputs really needed?

    Also what is the correct connection for the 4 RCA’s? They have a red and white cable for left and right channel audio then there’s a Black and a Green cable. I have connected the Green to the monitor out and the Black to the D-TV video.



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