Connecting dvd to THPD9 via component


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I have preordered a Panasonic TH-42PHD9, but now I wonder if I really need a component terminal board ?

I have a 8m component cable (Monster V3) w. RCA/RCA from dvd that I wonder if I can connect to on-board VGA using RCA->VGA adapter plug?
Any sacrifice in PQ?


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I haven't ried with an adapter but certainly a RCA>VGA cable works just fine on PHD8 and there is no compromise whatsoever on PQ.


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But my cable is RCA-RCA. Just wonder if the adapter would cause PQ decay


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How much is an adapter? Suck it and see. Otherwise buy an 8m Component to VGA lead and sell your Monster lead through the forum.


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You would have to find an adaptor, which would more likely be 3 female RCAs on a lead to a D-Sub. Any join in the lead will cause additional loss. For all that, you could just buy a component board - probably cheaper than a new 8m lead!!!!

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