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Hi , i was going to buy a tosh 350e upscaling dvd player to go with my 27wl56 tosh lcd ,,,,the HD input on the tosh is thru the vga input ..i am having trouble find a hdmi to vga cable , can anyone help please ? also what will the pic quality be like when upscaled when playing back a standard dvd film? sorry silly question but im new to this ...and if i cant get a cable how can i do it?? thx for any answers Akky :thumbsup:


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good idea....would so many conections degrade the pic quality thou? also have the pieces got to state HD compliant? anyway thx again ijd :thumbsup: Akky


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Akcron said:
good idea....would so many conections degrade the pic quality thou?

I think even without all the connectors it would be questionable as to whether the pic would be better than standard component for example. One of the "selling points" of DVI/HDMI is that it removes the necessity for D->A->D conversion, simply adding extra gadgetry will remove even this benefit...PJ


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Adapter won't affect quality as it is a digital signal with error correcting codes built in.

this was a quote made by scarty in a different thread but still about the use of adapters,

my own theory.. a digital signal is binary so it either works well or badly with little in the middle,whereas analogue uses a wave sine so is susceptable to loss

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