Connecting DVD Recorder to Receiver - Advice please

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    I recently bought a Sony STRDA1200ESS receiver, and set it up as the new heart of my media playing system. (It's brilliant, BTW - I'm very pleased with it)

    The new setup is so good, I decided to take the plunge (after 30-odd years of using SVHS VCRs) and purchased a Sony RDRHX950B DVD Recorder, which has just arrived.

    But I'm a little baffled about merging the recorder into my system. I'm sure that there will be times when I won't switch on the receiver to watch TV or recorder playback, and times when I will. So I need to make provision for both situations.

    The recorder has fairly basic inputs, IMHO: RF in (and out), Video, SVideo, Left Audio, Right Audio.

    Gurus have told me that RF isn't the best aerial signal source. OK, I can get an adapter for my SKY satellite decoder and this'll allow me to connect one of its two SCART sockets to the decoder's SVideo and L\R audio IN.

    I assume that I should still connect SKY's 'RF Out' to the recorder, then use the recorder's own 'RF Out' to go to my (fairly basic CRT) TV?

    So that's the first puzzle. The next head scratcher is to where should I route the recorder's 'Audio Out' on the receiver.

    OK, the recorder has a 'Co-Ax Audio Out', but the receiver has only two co-ax inputs, and these are already allocated to DVD and CD. The receiver has a 'TV\Sat IN' group of sockets (Video,SVideo,L,R audio), but I've already allocated the L\R Audio to the TV's 'Audio Out' sockets. Hmmm.

    Looking at the manuals for both of these Sony devices, it seems a shame that they haven't considered that someone might want to couple one of their recorders to one of their receivers, and show some schematics of an optimum connection.

    Here's a doc I made that shows the existing setup:

    Sony links:

    Advice would be much appreciated :confused:

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