Connecting dual monitors and an AE-100 to a HCPC



Hi, I'm another newbie to this HCPC lark so please use plain english if anyone can answer my question!

I'm trying to find a way of connecting dual VGA monitors for video editing and a Panasonic AE-100 projector, all using VGA connections, to a HCPC/Edit suite setup.
As I want top quality DVD playback I'll probably go for some kind of Radeon card to run the PJ and it has to be an AGP card to run Dscaler. Will I be able to use a second graphics card to simultaneously run the two edit monitors + PJ and if so are you able to get motherboards with two AGP slots so that both cards can run on AGP or will one have to be PCI?

Alternatively I could use a switch box between the secondary monitor and the PJ though this would be a compromise and I've read on the forum that switch boxes reduce the picture quality quite a bit.

As you see I'm in a bit of a muddle from bits of info picked up all over the place, PLEASE HELP!!


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My own experiences of running two monitors on a single PC have always fallen short of expectations.

There are many dual head video cards on the market and I have experimented with those from Matrox and those based on the latest Radeon 9000. Whilst performance with running the desktop across two displays is fine you start to run into problems when running applications that rely on overlay to draw the image e.g.. PowerDVD or Dscaler.

Only one physical display output can support overlay at a time (usually assignable) and only one overlay application at a time. I have found that any subsequent activity on the secondary display, e.g.. web browsing, significantly affects the primary display, usually dropped frames.

I don't know about running a second PCI video card (I've not seen any dual AGP boards) at the same time and whether this would resolve some of these limitations - you may find the operating system struggles.

My advice would be try out exactly what you require and if this falls short of your quality requirements then consider running two separate PC's at the same time - each tailored to the specific requirements. At least this way you can guarantee performance and with careful component selection it need not cost as much as you think.

cheers, Phil

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