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Oct 29, 2005
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Hi all,
need some advice , i have a denon 3803 , connected to it is a Xbox HI def and dvd ( connected via Component cable ) at the moement i have a cheap component cable from the 8303 output to my TV , i am hoping that if i upgrade this very cheap cable that the picture will improve but i am not sure what i should expect to pay , i have seen cables for £8 up to £150 , the cable needs to be 2 M .
the cables connect the xbox and DVD to the 3803 are 0.5 component cables and cost about £15 each , what should i be spending on the 2 M cable ?? thanks :)
If you need a 2m cable, I would recommend Supra's AV3, a 2m run will cost you £64.00 from here.
Hi Filbert ,
thanks for your advice , if i go for that cable as my cables between my dvd and xbox to the amp are much cheaper than that would it be a good idea to change them also and if so could i go for a cheaper IXos 1713 cable as they only need to be 1M max , what i am saying is do i need to get such a good quaility cable if the run is shorter ?? i guess the Supra is better quality than the IXOS ?
thanks :)
Yes, I'd say it would be worthwhile changing them too. As you suggest probably not much point in having cheap component video cables going in, and then having a decent one going out! Yes, as you would expect the Supra is a better cable, however for the money, the Ixos one is not bad at all! For a few quid more than the ixos you could also consider the P-CV1 from QED. It comes in 1m, 3m and 5m lengths as standard.
thanks for your advice , i think i know what i need to buy now , thanks :)

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