Connecting creative 5.1 speakers to HDTV


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Hello everyone,

My first post on this forum :) and i'm in dire need of some help regarding my TV speaker setup.

Without doing any research on how this speaker thing works, i went out and bought "Creative 5.1 T6160 Speakers".

Now, I'm trying to connect my Samsung LED TV to Creative 5.1 T6160 Speakers

TV Audio Out : 3.5 mm single female port
Speaker input : 3 multicoloured 3.5mm male connectors

My TV output has only one Audio OUT port and the main speaker unit has 3 pins (all of which have to be used).
Though i know normal TV audio output is 2 channel audio, can i get all my speakers to atleast emit sound ?

Is there a 3:1 connector somewhere that i can plug in those 3 pins from my speakers and insert into the TV out ? If yes, then the product name will be really appreciated.

I really hope i get some help regarding this, cause i dont know much about speakers and my friend said i could get some answers here.

EDIT: one of my friends also suggested using this : LINK HERE

and connect this directly to the audio OUT of the set top box so the sound will bypass the TV completely and directly go from set top box -> speakers instead of set top box -> tv -> speakers

Can someone tell me what is that connector in general called ?

Even if i cannot get true 5.1 surround, is there a way i can output the same sound through all the speakers (left,center,right) ??
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