Connecting both FM and DAB Aerials

Discussion in 'Music Streamers' started by Nigel12, Jan 17, 2008.

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    I'm new to DAB, so looking for some help. I've search the forums and can't find the exact answer I'm looking for, but I now understand a lot more.

    I have just got a new DAB tuner for my HI-Fi. A Denon TU-1800DAB. It has connections for both DAB and FM aerials. so I assume that I need both conected for a good signal when I swop between the two

    I had therefore assumed that I would be able to find a wall plate with two connections, one for FM and one for DAB, but all the twin wall plates I can find seem to be TV and FM/DAB, which only gives me one aerial point for the tuner.

    Does anyone know where I can get one, or am I looking for the wrong thing? Or one I fitted a DAB aerial to my system, can I just run both the FM and DAB aerial from a single point.

    Some background info:

    My old Tuner was plugged into a FM wall socket. The cable to that wall socket runs up into the loft into some sort of "multiplex unit" (don't know exactly what make) into which is currently plugged

    A loft mounted FM aerial
    A loft mounted TV (UHF) aerial
    A feed from the my Sky+ HD box

    There are then single distribution leads to most rooms in the house, which carry a combined signal.

    There is a input for a DAB aerial into this unit, so I was planning on mounting a DAB aerial, plugging it in and then I would get DAB added to the combined signal.

    My understanding is that its the filter in the wall plate which then takes the signal I need in that room. So currently, my main HI-FI (where the new turner is replacing an old FM only one) I have a single FM wall plate. In the main bedroom I have a wall plate that splits to TV and FM from the single cable and I run both a TV and a small Hi-Fi from that. While in the kitchen I just have a TV.

    Thats why I assumed I could get a wall plate which was FM one side, DAB the other.
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    I'm sure I've seen one that was TV/DAB + FM. I'll see if I can find a link...


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