Connecting Bose Smart soundbar 700 to Sky Q


Hi, my soundtouch 300 recently just died after 5 years with no power at all. After trying to send it for repair and having a terrible customer service time, Bose are sending me a brand new Smart Soundbar 700 as a free replacement.

My previous setup was:
HDMI in from Sky Q to ST300
HDMI out from ST300 to TV HDMI-ARC Port.

However the 700 soundbar does not have a HDMI out port. What is the best way to connect all 3 together?

Not sure out of the following 2:

TV Optical to Soundbar


TV HDMI-ARC to Soundbar
Optical to Sky Q

Unless theres a better way and im missing something?


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I don't have the Bose but I connect my Sony soundbar (ARC) to TV (ARC) then Sky Q goes into the TV.


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It certainly does with the Sony.

Joe Fernand

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As above you connect your Source(s) via HDMI to the HDMI Input(s) on the TV then the TV ARC to the Soundbar ARC.

The TV HDMI CEC should allow you to select what your are viewing (TV Tuner, TV Apps or external device) plus control the Soundbar volume.


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